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Whether you are a novice or expert skier, the Northwest Alpine Ski Team provides students with the opportunity to improve their ski racing.  This team is geared toward the individual with past ski racing (or downhill experience), who has the desire to improve their technical racing abilities, or for the recreational skier who wants to take their skiing abilities to the next level.  Be advised this is not a ski club. 

This program is a Sanctioned Non-Funded High School sport with participants from Osseo District #279 (including Osseo, Maple Grove, Park Center High Schools and any middle school that feeds into those high schools) Elk River District #728 (including Elk River and Rogers High schools and any middle school that feeds into those high schools), Maranatha and Totino Grace. Participants have the opportunity to make the varsity or junior varsity team.  The Northwest Alpine Ski Team does not limit the number of racers or make any cuts; any and all students’ grades 7 through 12 are encouraged to participate.  

The team primarily practices or races on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.  Practice is at Wild Mountain Ski Area.  Busing is provided to practice from the Maple Grove Community Center.

The team races in the North Suburban Conference (Section 7).  Conference races are held at Wild Mountain and Trollhaugen.  Section race is held at Afton Alps.

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